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CineMuseSpace: A Cinematic Musée Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences


The CineMuseSpace research project is launching its first exhibition entitled “A Cinematic Museum of the Everyday” in the Nextmixing Gallery in Shanghai on Saturday 30th March 2019. The installation will create a constantly evolving glimpse into everyday lives around the globe with a specific focus on China, Japan, Europe and the United States. The exhibition will be open until Sunday 7th April 2019 and every day will be dedicated to a different quotidian activity to reveal spatial cultural differences and similarities. Special events will be programmed during each evening.

Launch: 3-5pm, on 30 March 2019

Venue: Nextmixing Gallery

Address: Yuyuan Li, No. 161, Lane 465, Zhengning Road, Shanghai




Cinematic Museum of Everyday image 1


A Cinematic Museum of Everyday poster