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CineMuseSpace Workshop and Seminar on Cinematic Interpretation of Spatiality at Nanjing University, 23rd-25th March 2018

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News Article April 2018 Film 2

inner than inside (Andong Lu et al., 2018)

CineMuseSpace international co-investigator Andong Lu, together with principal-investigator François Penz, organised a workshop and seminar at Nanjing University from 23rd to 25th March 2018. The event entitled “Cinematic Interpretation of Spatiality: A Workshop and Seminar on Cinematic Architecture” was composed of a one-day workshop, a one-day seminar and two keynote talks by the CineMuseSpace members. Leading architects, scholars from the fields of film studies and architecture studies, and filmmakers were invited from China, Japan and Hong Kong.

During the workshop phase of the event, all participants were organized into 10 parallel groups and tasked with exploring a chosen concept of space through the filmic medium within Nanjing’s Zhan Garden, the Former Residence of Ganxi and the Nanjing university grounds. During the seminar day the participants demonstrated their filmic results and discussed the theme of “cinema as a culture of space” through various paper presentations and a round table discussion.

A documentary team, led by CineMuseSpace research associate Janina Schupp, documented the event and generated 10 short films that reveal the thought process and practical approach behind the cinematic translation of spatial concepts in the workshop film products.

All filmic workshop results and their documentary counterparts will be exhibited at the NextMixing Gallery, Shanghai in early May 2018.

News item April 2018 Film 1

Binary Corridor: the translucent space in Zhan Garden (Lu Feng et al., 2018)


Cinematic Interpretation of Spatiality: A Workshop and Seminar on Cinematic Architecture



Friday, 23 March 2018


Talk: Garden and the Moving Image: Teaching Experiments 2012-2017

Professor Andong Lu


Saturday, 24 March 2018


Workshop introduction and briefing

Chair: Andong Lu & Francois Penz


On-site film exercise


Talk: Cinematic Aided Design: An Everyday Life Approach to Architecture

Professor François Penz


Sunday, 25 March 2018


Screening and presentation of workshop output (10 mins per group)

Jie Chen, Space and Coincidence

Lu Fan, Generative Form

Quanquan Liu, Montage

Tong Cao (on behalf of Yishu Yang), Long-shot and Space

Yuan Zhu, Everyday Narrative


Seminar Session 1: Cinema and Spatiality

Thomas Chung, Moving architecture: Cinematic settings in HK

Bing Bu, Fragmented Narrative and Immersive Theatre

Lu Feng, Evoke

Shiozaki Taishin, Recent Practice on the Everyday




Seminar Session 2: Cinema and Everyday

Keyang Tang, Am I Real?

Jianjia Zhou, An Alternative Way to Unfold City: Case of Shanghai

Jiawei Wang, Body Bring Forth the Everyday

Andong Lu, Four Thoughts on Cinematic Architecture

Janina Schupp, CineMuseSpace: An exploration of spatial cultural differences through moving images


Roundtable discussion


WORKSHOP TEAM: Tutors and Concept:

Immersive Theatre

Bing Bu, Principal architect of One Design Inc., Visiting professor of Syracuse University.


Space and Coincidence

Jie Chen, Professor and filmmaker, Movie & Television College, Nanjing University of the Arts.


Generative Form

Lu Fan, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, architectural theorist.



Lu Feng, PhD (Sheffield), Principal architect of Wuyang Architects, architectural critic.



Quanquan Liu, PhD candidate, TU Berlin, founder of the journal Der Zug.


Inner than Inside

Andong Lu, Professor & Principal architect of LanD Studio, Nanjing University


Pictorial Place

Keyang Tang, DDes, Harvard University, Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, writer, curator, principal architect of Keyang Tang Studio.


Long-shot and Space

Yishu Yang, Associate Professor of Department of Theatre and Filmic Art, Nanjing University, award-winning independent filmmaker.


Mirroring Effect

Jianjia Zhou, Founding partner of YeS Architecture Studio, Lecturer of the Shanghai Study Centre of Hong Kong University.


Everyday Narrative

Yuan Zhu, Associate Professor, Southeast University.



Ke Chen, Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University

Thomas Chung, Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chengzhou He, Dean of the School of the Arts, Nanjing University, Member of the Academy of Europe

Yangang He, Lecturer, School of Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Hua Li, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Southeast University

Kumiko Kiuchi, Associate Professor, Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology

François Penz, Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Janina Schupp, Research Associate, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Shiozaki Taishin, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Haode Sun, PhD candidate, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Qiang Tong, Professor, Vice-Dean of the School of the Arts, Nanjing University

Jiawei Wang, Lecturer, School of Dance, Nanjing University of the Arts

Duan Wu, Professor, School of Architecture and Applied Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Manting Yin, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Fanbo Zeng, School of Architecture and Applied Arts, Shenzhen University

News Article April 2018 Film 3

LOOPS (Yishu Yang et al., 2018)

News item April 2018 Film 4

Mirror Effect (Jianjia Zhou et al.)

Newsletter April 2018 Film 5

Out of space and into memory (Lu Fan et al., 2018)

Newsletter April 2018 Film 6

Stalker (Quanquan Liu et al., 2018)

News item April 2018 Film 7

The Picturesque (Keyang Tang et al., 2018)

News item April 2018 Film 8


April 2018 news article Film 9

Inside and Outside of the Garden (Bing Bu et al., 2018)

April 2018 news article Film 10

Lingering in the Garden (Jie Chen et al., 2018)