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CineMuseSpace: A Cinematic Musée Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences


CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 3

How do you convert academic research into an engaging, participatory museum experience? This was one of the questions the CineMuseSpace team explored during a recent workshop at the School of Museum Studies of the University of Leicester. The special guests of the event were the representatives of the project’s two partner museums, which included Sandra Penketh (Director of Art Galleries of the National Museums Liverpool), Zoe Dunbar, (Director of the CFCCA in Manchester) and Marianna Tsionki (Research Curator of the CFCCA in Manchester). Led by the experienced team around CineMuseSpace Co-investigator Suzanne MacLeod, the two-day workshop allowed the participants to explore and create connections between the two future exhibition venues and the first project research findings from Cambridge.

CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 4  CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 6  CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 7


Zoe Dunbar, Director, CFCCA, Manchester  

Marianna Tsionki, Research Curator, CFCCA, Manchester             

Sandra Penketh, Director of Art Galleries, National Museums Liverpool              

Tom Duncan, Director, Duncan McCauley               

Maureen Thomas, Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Lesslie Herrera-Quiroz, Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge              

Professor Suzanne MacLeod, University of Leicester                      

Jocelyn Dodd, Director, RCMG, University of Leicester                   

Dr. Sarah Plumb, Research Associate, RCMG, University of Leicester

Professor Francois Penz, Head of the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Dr. Janina Schupp, Research Associate, University of Cambridge               

Rachel Burgess, Project Administrator, University of Cambridge    


CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 1

CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 2

CineMuseSpace Workshop at RCMG 4