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CineMuseSpace: A Cinematic Musée Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences


Focus on the Everyday 8

CineMuseSpace research associate Janina Schupp is on the ground at Nanjing University directing her camera lens at the diverse range of everyday activities taking place in the open spaces of the campus - from jogging, to playing with toy planes and practising Tai Chi. Nanjing University students Yu Gui and Lingzheng Zhu are assisting the production of the new documentary for the CineMuseSpace project and student Zaoshi Jiang provides his skills as drone operator. Together the team is observing the use of the campus’s sports grounds, parks and other open spaces across several weeks from early morning, through the afternoon until evening. This filmmaking process enables the CineMuseSpace project to utilise a practical research methodology in unearthing the manifold, often overlooked, manifestations of the everyday around the globe.

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