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CineMuseSpace: A Cinematic Musée Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences



Suzanne MacLeod is Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester where she has worked in a range of roles since 1997. She has published widely around museum architecture and design and has a particular interest in design forms and processes and how they might be harnessed towards positive social and organisational impacts by progressive museums. She undertakes research with museum and design partners and is currently working on a book titled Design for Creative Lives. Previous publications include: Reshaping Museum Space; Museum Making (with Jonathan Hale and Laura Hanks); and Museum Architecture: A New Biography.


Key publications: 
  • MacLeod S., ‘An Ethical Future for Museum and Gallery Design: design as a force for good in a diverse cultural sector’, in MacLeod, S., Hale, J., Austin, T. and Ho, O. (eds.) The Future of Museum and Gallery Design (London: Routledge, 2018  forthcoming)
  • MacLeod, S. ‘Image and Life: museum architecture, social sustainability and design for creative lives’ in S. Greub (ed.) New Museums: Intentions, Expectations, Challenges (Munich: Hirmer Verlag, 2017).
  • MacLeod, S., Dodd, J., and Duncan, T., ‘New museum design cultures: harnessing the potential of design and ‘design thinking’ in museums’, Museum Management and Curatorship, 2015.
School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester
Professor Suzanne  MacLeod